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The Children's Museum at La Habra Field Trip Request Form

  1. Tour Capacity Acknowledgement*

    To ensure an enriching educational experience, all tours have a max capacity of 35 guests per tour (including students and chaperones). If the number of guests exceeds the max capacity per tour, additional tours will need to be booked to accommodate the number of guests. This will be done when you are contacted to continue booking.

  2. Title-One School*

    Does your school qualify as a Title-One school?

  3. Special Education*

    Is your class special education or have special education students? If yes, please indicate how many students and the number of aides under the Special Requests prompt below.

  4. Tour Booking Disclaimer*

    The submission of this tour request form is NOT an official tour booking. Please allow up to 5-10 business days to receive an email from us to complete your tour request.

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