Where We Play

As you search through the "Life in La Habra" pages, you will realize that La Habrians like to play in many ways! Traditionally, we have over 20 local parks with walk ways, picnic areas, bike paths or play areas. Some of our larger parks have basketball courts, and our premiere park La Bonita Sports Complex has a baseball diamond and skate park. This sports complex is adjacent to the Boys and Girls Club of La Habra, where many of our local youth thrive and play every day. La Habra plays hard when it comes to community events! La Habra's main corridor is completely shut down for an entire weekend for the Citrus Festival or the Lions Corn Festival. Families will walk over a mile to participate in our exciting parades! And, it's more than La Habrians that come out to play...our neighboring cities join us in the fun! Check out the City of La Habra Recreation for even more exciting ways we play!

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