All children enrolled in the program will participate in the Child Adult Care Food Program (CACFP) sponsored by the United States Department of Agriculture at no cost to the parent. The Nutrition Program will provide 1/2 to 2/3 of each child's daily nutritional requirements and promote physical growth and development. Meals are served to all children according to the time in attendance.

The Children will receive either breakfast and snack or lunch and snack depending on the session. If they attend the Wrap Program, the children will receive breakfast, lunch and snacks. Monthly menus are posted on parent boards and in classrooms. Menus will be provided upon request. Parents are encouraged to review the menu and provide suggestions of meals to be served to the children.

Meals are served Family Style with the teacher, parent or volunteer providing supervision. Children are encouraged to try what is served and are not forced to finish their food. Meal times are pleasant for the children and teachers.

Meals and snacks are culturally and developmentally appropriate for the children being served and will meet the nutritional requirements. New foods are introduced during mealtime and conversations foster socialization.

A 6-week menu cycle is planned based on the CACFP Meal Pattern and in accordance with the National Dietary Guidelines. Nutrition Education and food activity for the children are included in the Daily Lesson Plan.

All meals are prepared at each site.