City of La Habra Values Statement

The City of La Habra, its officials and employees value the following things most within the community:


Having integrity means being true to our values and acting with consistency in every situation. Integrity involves self-reflection, self-control and behaving toward others truthfully and in a manner consistent with our values and beliefs.


Showing respect towards others includes patient listening, courtesy, politeness, dignity and tolerance. Respect requires keeping an open mind, avoiding quick judgment, and treating people equally and fairly. In all that we do, we act to treat others as we would like to be treated.


Building and maintaining the public's trust and our trust in each other requires honesty, sincerity and playing by the rules. To establish trust in our relationships with others means to follow through with our responsibilities and promises to others and to communicate in a forthright and truthful way.


We value excellence in our work and dealings with others. Excellence means exceeding expectations and always being careful, thorough and diligent in our performance. We continuously use our knowledge, skills and abilities to identify and implement ways to improve our organization and our processes, programs and services.

Community Partnership

We are part of the community. Community partnership involves collaborating with residents and organizations for the betterment of La Habra. We value communication with those that we serve and encourage their participation in our community.


We are responsible to one another, our work, and the community as a whole. Having responsibility means accepting our role in the City's mission and being accountable for our actions, freely accepting the outcomes and consequences. We consider the impact of our decisions on each other and the community and own up to our mistakes.


We are loyal to our chosen profession and to the community. We will continuously seek out opportunities to promote the community's interests for the common good. La Habra and its residents and businesses are the highest priority in our professional lives.