Youth & Adult Classes

Winter & Spring 2022 Recreation Classes

The Community Center is open for recreation classes again! Most our our children's classes have returned, and a lesser amount of our adult classes. In addition, the classes that we co-list with the City of Whittier and hold at Parnell Park also are back.


You may register for classes online, in person, or by phone. If you register online, you will incur an online service fee that is a percentage of the cost of the class(es) that your register for. This fee goes to activenet and is NOT refundable. If you register by phone, there is a $1.75 service fee that remains the same, no matter how many classes or activities you register for. This also is NOT refundable. In person registration is available at the Community Center Monday-Friday, 8:00 a.m.-5:00 p.m., and there are no additional fees.

Click here to view KID'S CLASSES (PDF)

Click here to view ADULT CLASSES (PDF).


To register, fill out a (see link above). Additional NON-REFUNDABLE fees apply when registering online.

Offering a Recreation Class

The City of La Habra contracts with individuals who have prior teaching experience in their field, providing we don’t already offer the same class. You can review current class listings by clicking on the links at the top of this page. Please email Melissa Rivera at 562-383-4209 for a contract class handbook and class proposal form.

Recreation News Page

Here you will find profiles of current instructors, as well as lists of new classes, activities and programs. View the Recreation News page (PDF).