Family Child Care Home Food Program Sponsorship (CACFP)

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Child Care Food Program

The Child Care Food Program (CCFP) was created by Congress in response to the need for sound nutrition for children in economically depressed areas. The purpose of CCFP is to improve the health and eating habits of children enrolled in both non-residential child care centers and family child care homes. It has grown to include reimbursement for meals served to children in most child care settings. Licensed family child care homes and child care centers sponsored by public or private nonprofit organizations are eligible to participate in CCFP. The City of La Habra Child Development Division is a sponsor for the Child Care Food program. We provide nutrition, education and activities as well as in-home training/workshops, technical assistance and reimbursement for meals served to children in family child care homes.

Do You Want to Receive Financial Reimbursement for the Nutritious Meals You Serve?

Join Our Food Program!

The benefits of OUR Food Program:

 For the Provider:

  • Receive valuable nutrition education
  • Identify the proper foods to feed for your age groups
  • Learn how to encourage positive eating habits
     For the Parent:
  • Child(ren) receive high quality, well-balanced meals
  • Child is less likely to experience fatigue
  • Less time a parent must be absent from work
  • Children are more likely to be healthy, happy, & develop at a normal physical and intellectual pace
  • Child is teaching the parent fun and easy recipes they can make together at home For the Child:
  • Establishes good eating patterns
  • Enjoys meals that meet USDA nutrition requirements
  • Nutritionally complete meals helping the children learn and grow