Sustainable Development Program

About the Program

The City of La Habra recognizes the importance of protecting our environment and conserving our natural resources. As part of the City's effort to promote building practices that have minimal impacts on the environment, on October 20, 2008, the City Council adopted a resolution establishing a voluntary Sustainable Development Program, which provides incentives for eligible new construction projects.

Sustainable Development Standards

Sustainable Development is generally defined as measures that increase and enhance recycling and resource conservation within the construction industry and in the building process. Major areas of sustainable development standards are typically cited, including:

  • Energy efficiency standards for new construction
  • Water conservation standards in and around buildings
  • Standards for the reduction of construction waste and diversion of construction waste from landfills
  • Wood conservation requirements
  • Indoor air quality requirements

Strengthening our regulations in these areas serves to help conserve and improve both the local and global environments, including the improvement of air quality standards in buildings, and enhancing the use of recycled products in the construction process.

Program Requirements

The specific requirements of these programs include:

  1. Building to exceed current state energy efficiency standards by at least 15%
  2. Diverting at least 50% of construction and job site waste
  3. Reducing water use by at least 20,000 gallons each year for a typical single family dwelling
  4. Guidelines for efficient lumber and wood usage
  5. Improved indoor air quality through mechanical filtration and reduced use of volatile organic chemicals in paint and other construction materials


This information is provided for general guidelines only. Actual determination of eligibility will be made by 3rd-party verification of compliance with applicable standards. For more information please contact the Building and Safety Division at 562-383-4116.