Bikeway Master Plan

Bicycling is increasingly recognized as an important component of the transportation system. In the La Habra General Plan 2035, the City recognized the importance of cycling in reducing traffic, air pollution, energy consumption, and providing greater transportation options that enhance quality of life. This Bikeway Master Plan is consistent with these sustainability efforts and provides detailed direction on how to continue the City's progress toward a better bicycling environment. The Plan does this by proposing a system of bikeways connecting neighborhoods to key activity centers throughout the City; providing regional bikeway connections; developing support facilities, such as bike parking, and education programs; and by identifying recommendations for improving bicyclist safety. This document satisfies the requirements of an Active Transportation Plan as defined by the Caltrans. This makes the City eligible for Caltrans Active Transportation Program funding for any of the bicycle improvements identified in this plan.

The Bikeway Master Plan was adopted by the City Council as Resolution Number 5814 (PDF) on September 18, 2017.

Bikeway Master Plan Document (PDF)