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The application process for the four (4) Commercial Non-storefront Retailer Cannabis Facility licenses opened on May 17, 2021 for a 45-day period.  Applicant(s), it is your responsibility to check with the Planning Division regarding any land use questions for your proposed location prior to starting this process. In addition, be aware that failure of any owner(s)/corporate officer(s) to pass the Live Scan background process will automatically disqualify an application.  The application form along with all items identified in the “Cannabis Business Permit Submittal Checklist” and within the “Step-by- Step Guide-Cannabis Business Permit Application” must be submitted as part of the application.  Incomplete Commercial Cannabis Business Permit applications will be rejected.  No amendments or submittal of supplemental information will be accepted by the City or its consultants.


To be considered for issuance of a Commercial Non-storefront Retailer Cannabis Facility License, final applications must be submitted by June 30, 2021 to the Community Development Department located at 110 East La Habra Blvd., La Habra, CA, 90631 by appointment.  Should questions remain, please contact Sonya Lui, Planning Manager, at (562) 383-4100 or by email at

Establishment of Regulations for Cannabis Operations Consistent with MUACRSA

The City of La Habra has established standards for the operation of cannabis distribution facilities, testing laboratory facilities and non-storefront retail facilites within M-1, M-1 (PUD) and PC-I zones (Light Industrial and Planned Commercial Industrial zones).

With the adoption of Chapter 18.22 and Ordinance 1827 all distribution facilities, testing laboratory facilities and non-storefront retail facilities will be subject to a Conditional Use Permit, Development Agreement, City Business License and State License (A-License or M-License or both) and other requirements.

All other Marijuana related uses and activities not identified in Chapter 18.22 and Ordinance 1827 are prohibited.

Cannabis Distribution, Testing Laboratory Facility, or Non-Storefront Retail Facility Applications

The City Council has authorized up to four cannabis distribution facility permits, four cannabis testing laboratory facility permits, and four non-storefront retail facility permits, subject to the requirements of Chapter 18.22  and Ordinance 1827 of the La Habra Municipal Code. Directly below are links to:

Applications will be processed as identified in the Commercial Cannabis Business Activity Opportunity Summary sheet. Should you have any questions regarding Cannabis uses, please contact Sonya Lui at (562) 383-4100.