Neighborhood Traffic Management Program

Neighborhood Traffic Management Plan (NTMP) or "Traffic Calming" is a program that the City of La Habra takes very seriously.  The City invites residents of each neighborhood to become traffic engineers and design plans to help calm traffic for their area.  With the amazing cooperation of the neighborhoods, we currently are able to complete 3 projects each year but are planning to increase that number.  If you have any comments please call (562) 383-4151.

We are currently working on Neighborhoods K, L, and M.  Neighborhood Traffic Committee Meeting #3 is scheduled for Wednesday, March 21, 2018 at 6p (Neighborhood K), 7p (Neighborhood L), and 8p (Neighborhood M) at the City Hall in Atrium-A.

We will be updating this website with the latest information.  You can find the complete NTMP list with maps and dates when we will get to your neighborhood.  If your neighborhood is currently not on the list, please contact us so that we can add it.

*Updated on 7/11/2018 at 4:41p

Survey Results (as of the deadline on 6/29/2018)

Neighborhood K
Total Properties - 225
Response Rate - 101 (40%) [Not Met < 50%]
Plan Approval - 75% [Met > 66.7%]
Plan not approved.

Neighborhood L
Total Properties - 440
Response Rate - 210 (48%) [Not Met < 50%]
Plan Approval - 57.1% [Not Met < 66.7%]
Plan not approved.

Neighborhood M
Total Properties - 237
Response Rate - 121 (51.1%) [Met > 50%]
Plan Approval - 64.9% [Not Met < 66.7%]
Plan not approved.

*City Council will have the final decision on whether the survey period will be extended to meet the minimum requirements to approve a neighborhood plan.

NTMP Plans from Neighborhoods K, L, and M can be seen below:

Previous NTMP Plans from Neighborhoods B, D, and I can be seen below:

Neighborhood_B_Proposed Plan
Neighborhood_I_Proposed Plan

About the Program

On August 21, 2006, the La Habra City Council approved the Neighborhood Traffic Management Program (NTMP). The development of the program was the result of several months of work from an Ad Hoc Committee and traffic engineering consultant.

The intent of the NTMP is to better accommodate residents’ requests to address traffic-related concerns and provide the City with a systematic approach to handling these requests. In addition, the NTMP provides the City and residents with a wider range of traffic management strategies to address these concerns in residential neighborhoods.

Stakeholders Ad Hoc Committee

The Ad Hoc Committee of stakeholders consisted of representatives from the:
Community representatives were also appointed by the City Council to serve on the Committee. A total of 21 persons participated on the Committee.

Public Forums & Comments

In addition, the City hosted a public forum to solicit input and comments on the NTMP. View the Neighborhood Traffic Management Program Final Document (PDF) for more information.